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Past Workshops and Projects

Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last year including photos from our Mini Maker Faire ‘Day of the Dead’ Project. Right now we’re obsessed with Maker Faire (the really, really big one) that comes to San Mateo Fair Grounds on May 18, 19th. Here’s a peak at our Post Secret (inspired) project in the works. Please visit our calendar to see upcoming workshops, labs and events. Let’s play!

Social Media Hand-holding Lab
Business Incubator: Hands-on workshop where we hold each other’s hands and figure out Facebook, Twitter and WordPress with a combination of experts, hacks, youtube and loud cursing. Great for folks who need moral support to bring social media presence to their projects.

Adobe Illustrator Workshop: All levels welcome to bring a pet project and learn basics/tricks from HackerMom/graphic designer Julie Tinker.

Sex for Moms with Dr. Jessica: Nothing is taboo at HackerMoms! How did we get to be moms in the first place? Let’s remember together with Dr. Jessica Michaelson (drjmichaelson.com), clinical psychologist, therapist for moms, and a mother of 2. She’ll help us get our groove back by covering the science of sex for moms, motherhood, stress, and libido, paying attention to yourself, relationship issues that kill sex drive and what to do about them. Q&A to follow.

Homeschool 101: Homeschool Curious? Researching educational choices for your little ones? Not satisfied or are having issues with your child’s school experience and considering an alternative? Veteran homeschooler and mother of 3 gives tips on what homeschooling is and isn’t, how to homeschool legally in California, the spectrum of homeschool philosophies.

Drama-Free Sleep Solutions with Dr. Jessica. Dr. Jessica Michaelson – baby sleep expert, therapist for moms, and a mother of 2 – has counseled countless parents on getting their infants, tots and preschoolers to sleep like champs.

Family Workshop: Calder Inspired Mobiles: Mobiles are a kind of kinetic sculpture that are based on the principle of equilibrium to produce works of art that showcase the beauty and harmony between design and movement. Many artists, most famously Alexander Calder, have explored the challenge and excitement of kinetic art.

Creating Outdoor Play Spaces for Kids: Landscape designer/HackerMom Laura Henry has secret ways to get your kid outside to play every day this summer. Come to this workshop and get some great ideas for setting up your outdoor environmentto keep your child engaged. We’ll talk about great plants for kids, making hidden spaces, projects kids love and some great ideas for moving parts that will keep them busy for hours.

Mom Ergonomics: It’s a secret to everyone but mothers that baby-holding and nursing tweaks our bodies’ spines, shoulders, hands and wrists, lower, mid and upper backs. Liz Gillem Duncanson, Physical Therapistiz will show us the best ways to hold baby to prevent injury.