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Educational Childcare Program

Member Guidelines for Hacker Sprouts Weekday Childcare

The following rules are designed for safety, balance and harmony in the kids’ space. Our Hacker Sprouts education childcare happens during the week. Childcare is a permeable door where kids are allowed to float between their room and ours. HackerMoms model active creative lives for our kids. Therefore, it’s important for them to be present, explore and create alongside us. Translation: our hackerspace is not generally a co-working space where you can make quiet business calls! Email info@hackermoms.org with questions.



  • We do our best to give members free, on-site childcare during weekdays through teaching internships. When that isn’t possible (school breaks, summer, absences, etc.), we do freestyle, cooperative childcare where different adults trade on child watch so that the others can work.
  • During open houses, weekend and evening events, childcare is $5 per hour per child for member and non-member parents who have RSVP’d.
  •  RSVP is always required. Please give a minimum of 24-48 advanced notice. You will not be charged for canceling at the last minute, but please be respectful of this policy.
  • We are not a drop-off child care site. Parents must remain on the premises.
  • Parents must sign a liability release form.
  • Babysitters will watch children aged 5 months up to 6 years old. Infants under 5 months and kids over 6, provided they can stay unsupervised, may be in the space free of charge.
  • Children are expected to play well with others.
    • When we check member references for safety, we also ask about the kids’ personalities. Their chemistry and community is just as important as ours, and is crucial to overall harmony.
    • Children encounter all ages of infants, toddlers and preschoolers in the space, and are expected to get along with all of them.
    • Expect that it will take a several visits to get them acclimated, and that they may want to be with you instead of the sitter.
    • In the event of hitting, biting or other violence, we observe a three strikes rule. We will talk with the parent about solutions and the child will be closely monitored. If no improvement happens, the parent will be asked to leave the child at home for the protection of the other kids.
  • If your child refuses childcare: sometimes they just won’t do it.  Most of our children seem to float in/out of the childcare room, which generally works. But please note that you’re expected to contribute the full amount to sitters if you bring your child(ren), even if they stay with you entirely. Hopefully over time, they’ll get familiar with the other Hackerkids and play together. The time and space to work peacefully and without disruption is important to the other HackerMoms, which is why childcare is the expectation. If your child prefers to stay with you, please make every effort to minimize disruption out of respect for the other mothers.