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HackerMoms elects new Steering Committee

There’s a new crew running HackerMoms these days. We just counted ballots and a new Steering Committee has been voted in by the  wide majority of HackerMoms. Our new leadership team is:

  • Velma Gentsch, Executive Director
  • Vonnie Chan, Director of Finance
  • Mahri Holt, Director of Childcare
  • Madison Young, Director of Programming
  • Heather Reilly, Director of Membership

We’ll be adding their photos and bios to the website. Congratulations to the team – and to HackerMoms for completing our first elections.

Who are these badasses?

Here’s what we look like when we’re doing business.

Who are these badasses?

Most of the directors have many years of nonprofit administration in their bios, (and interestingly, experience in filmmaking), all amplified by motherhood. They are loyal, honest, decisive, direct and maintain deep self-integrity. They don’t take commitment lightly. We know because we’ve worked with these women on projects and  seen their dedication to the HackerMoms mission of balancing creative and family lives. They are quintessential role models for us all.

A note from Sho-Sho Smith, Founder  

The HackerMoms made these elections happen so that I could focus on my family and my husband’s cancer that has returned. It is a hard place to be, and I’m so grateful to this village for taking care of me by taking over the hardworking role of running HackerMoms. I’m thrilled to see our HackerMoms change and new energy circulate through us. We’ve done the hard work to become financially and organizationally sustainable these last months. It’s a huge accomplishment in any organization and we did it in true HackerMoms style – not perfectly, but very well thank you very much. Thank you all for being part of our evolving HackerMoms story – which is really the story of how women play the modern motherhood game, and win. Not boring, right? Bravo HackerMoms!