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Stunned Mom Gets Paid for Writing Thanks to HackerMoms

So I deposited the two checks for my first two paid blogging gigs! I would never have gotten them if not for HackerMoms. It’s not that the $40 will, in and of itself, change my life. It’s just such a thrill to be back in the game after such a long hiatus. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I never would have gotten my social media/blogging life up and running without HackerMoms’ social media lab. As I begin to engage in the blogosphere and social media, I can also see possibilities for promotion and community building of my novel, once it’s published. Now, the biggest challenge is not to fall prey to the instant gratification of writing for blogs. This novel is already nearly five years in the making, not to mention the many novel manuscripts I had developed previously—since back in the early 90s. The challenge is to enjoy the short creative bursts of blogging and return to the marathon of the novel. Thanks again, HackerMoms! xo, Aya de Leon.

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  1. Akiba says:

    Congratulations! The world needs good content, and its good to hear your novel is on track again. I have a couple of friends who’ve written books and it’s a big mental game. Hopefully I can spend more time at Hackermoms next time I’m in Oakland 🙂