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Maker Faire, the mother of all inventions.

Maker Faire is a ridiculously inspiring celebration of art, craft, science, technology and the maker movement. Alongside 120,000 visitors,1000 makers and 120 kid-run booths, HackerMoms took on the mother of all maker festivals — Bay Area Maker Faire. Read more about our virgin voyage and our Family Secret Project in Oakland Local In case you missed Saturday’s panel on women makers/hackers, here’s Sho Sho Smith’s (applause provoking) response to the question why everyone should make instead of buy: “We need to take back the means of production. I come from southern California mall culture where people are scared to even cut their own bangs because they’re not “a real hairdresser.” It’s a powerless position we’re in and we can empower ourselves when we have an original idea and can make it tangible.”

3 Responses so far.

  1. Hello Hackermoms!!
    You dropped by my art installation at the Maker Faire, and gave me your card… and now I am visiting your site.
    Congrats on surviving that exhilarating weekend!

    I see that you took a photo of my artwork, “BreastStop” while it was still being constructed (one nipple is still on the ground, as well as other assembly parts). It was an amazing weekend… a few lactating mothers visited on the installation day (yes, come on in, stretch out on the trampolines and pillows and nurse your little darlings!) But, mostly, it was children who came into the pink domes…. which was a first for me, as previously it had been enjoyed by 98% adults. At the faire on Saturday evening, one little girl of nine years exclaimed that “these are the most beautiful…. CUPCAKES I have ever seen!” PERFECT! On Sunday I was awarded an “Editor’s Choice” blue ribbon. Cool!

    I am looking forward to roaming further around your site, and enjoying your creative efforts! YEAH!

    • admin says:

      We love your work. And what a welcome refuge from the wild/wonderful/frenetic world of Maker Faire. Congratulations on your award and have an amazing time at Burning Man. We have a few Burner/HackerMoms in our tribe. xo!