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Rad Moms with Power Tools

When you have a small space, finding the right furniture, equipment, and storage is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We’d moved beyond plastic folding tables and needed sturdy tables that worked for adults and kids (with wandering crayons and paintbrushes.) We wanted tables that joined together to create one big community table. Smart design and function were also important. And we needed to stay within our diminishing Kickstarter budget. When we couldn’t find and/or afford what we imagined… we decided to hack it. What a fun way to go.

Thanks to our fearless leader HackerMom Wendy of Walrus, we kicked it Amish-style and hand-built six tables last Sunday. We used plywood, glue, screws, L-brackets, chalk-board paint, wax, casters and numbered stencils. We played loud music and nobody complained. Sure it was hard work, but we had a blast and walked away with this amazing sense of accomplishment. Oh yeah, our new tables are pretty rad too. Special thanks to Economy Lumber for your generous non=profit discount.