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Halloween Party Thursday + Homeschool 101 Sunday

We love ya, Kickstarter supporters! We’re halfway there. People see HackerMoms as an idea worth backing. Be sweet and retweet to get us all the way home: http://kck.st/X7RP2g. Now for the good stuff and more on our calendar:

Homeschool 101: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Sunday, Oct 28, 2012
Homeschool Curious? Researching educational choices for your little ones? Not satisfied or are having issues with your child’s school experience and considering an alternative? Learn about what homeschooling is and isn’t, how to homeschool legally in California, the spectrum of homeschooling philosophies and methodologies, find out about local resources, and hear from as well as ask questions of veteran homeschoolers on how they made the decision to homeschool, what the homeschooling life looks like, and more!
HM Members Free/ Non-Members $10

Halloween Party!: 6-8pm, Thursday Oct 25
Last minute costumes are so HackerMoms. Slip on theirs and yours for our Open House-slash-Halloween Party on Thursday night, 6-8pm! Bring pumpkins + tools to carve, tricks to share and salty kid treats (keeping sugar to a minimum since it’s so close to bedtime). Also dance music playlists!

To put you in the mood, here are some of the Hacker Madres with our Day of the Dead altar at the recent Mini Maker Faire. To all the mamas who discovered us while making flowers for the dead, we say…if you were a wig, what color would you be? Mwah-ha-ha!