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Crowd funding is the new black.

Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo make it possible for artists, makers and hackers to thrive and grow. Moms too. We had an amazing first week of pledges towards our $10,000 goal.   Boy did we feel popular (and excited that our all/or nothing choice of Kickstarter was well within reach.)  Everyone seemed to love the video, then reality set in.  By day 13, our “new car smell” wasn’t quite as alluring.  Or, as we’re told, the tapering-off phase had set it.  We have just 21 days left, and we still have a ways to go ($3700) So, we will keep shamelessly posting/asking and praying that our Kickstarter dreams really do come true.  Our mini-hackers hope so too.                                    A million thanks to those who have supported us so far!