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Itching for a hackerspace to call our own

It’s time to stop house-hopping and shop for a hackerspace of our own. This thought motivates our meetings these days, which are filled with moneymaking brainstorms and out-of-the-box event ideas. We looked at our first potential site (picture eight women scaring off one landlord) last week in the Emeryville building that houses our bros at Ace Monster Toys. It’d be great to be near them and their power tools. We’ll also look further in Oakland at commercial and mixed use spaces. A multi-room single family home with yard would be ideal, but those rents are generally sky high. If anyone knows of a space with at least 2 rooms because of childcare, contact us at info@hackermoms.org.

To fund our someday space, we’ll be printing our own brand of amusing political t-shirts/onesies/bumper stickers for this 2012 election year. An achievable project with a short lead time. We kick off this project this Thursday night with a lesson in the very useful Adobe Illustrator (with a possible homework assignment of self-creating HackerMom biz cards of our own designs). So put on your Stephen Colbert hat and start generating logos and slogans – political, cultural, offbeat, wickedly funny, hopelessly inappropriate, etc. We’ll each bring at least 3 t-shirt ideas on Thursday. Feel free to email over suggestions in even if you don’t come regularly to the meetings.

Otherwise the fundraising discussion continues: We plan to have a table at the Maker Faire in May to sell stuff and promote ourselves. Discussing doing the same at Oakland Art Murmur. Applying to the Awesome Foundation. Should look closely at Kickstarter and come up with a proposal (event, show, viral video like “Shit HackerMoms Say.” God, that would be hilarious.)

Power to the mothers!

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  1. Anca says:

    Hello hacker moms! I run Tech Liminal in Downtown Oakland and I would live to talk to you about our space. I talked with one of the Ace Monster Toys guys today at our Workshop Weekend event (Scott? Steve? Eep!) who told me about you, and that we might have something in common. Please email me.