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HeartCar Project

HeartCar: The Evolution of the Family Car

logoHeartCar is the family car redesigned from the perspective of superuser moms and kids. This project of Mothership HackerMoms challenges cars to rise up to the practical, safety and aesthetic needs of modern families – particularly of mothers, infants and young children.We want all families to have car options beyond the mini-van. By innovating standard car interiors to be woman and child-friendly, we are reinventing the car as we know it. As the mothers and designers behind Heart Car, our goal is to create an innovative, intelligent car that gives families a safer, more peaceful daily driving experience.
photo (1)Our Story

HeartCar came about when we watched our kids trample our purses on the backseat floor. It dawned on us that there’s no place in a car for a woman to put her bag. We looked around our cars and realized that our glove boxes and center bins were a jumble, our kids screamed because they can’t reach anything, every surface was messy and we were driving one-eyed and one-handed with the other reaching awkwardly into the back seat. It’s not safe. It’s not convenient. It’s not the dream that the commercials promise. Why aren’t cars made for the people who use them most, to satisfy the people who often make the final purchase decision in order to transport their most precious cargo?

photo (2)Mothership HackerMoms gathered a task force to poll the community of parents and kids at the 2013 Mini Maker Faire. The response was passionate and overwhelming. We need a new family car – and not a minivan.

HackerMoms HeartCar Team

We’re all parents as well as founders, entrepreneurs, designers and innovators. By pooling knowledge and resources to create HeartCar, we aim to change the way we make cars and drive them.

  • Sho Sho Smith, Founder of Mothership HackerMoms
  • Julie Tinker Ward, Lead Designer and Co-founder of Mothership HackerMoms
  • Samantha Cook, Founder of Curiosity Hacked and Co-founder of Mothership HackerMoms
  • Josh Whitkin, Video Game Designer
  • Rachel McCrafty, Graphic artist, designer, hacker and maker
  • Andreea Gorbatai, Professor at the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business

Want to get involved?

We’re looking for revolutionary moms, entrepreneurs, experts, hackers and makers in the automotive industry, custom car design and media to help the HeartCar cause. Donate your time, dollars or expertise to make HeartCar a reality. Contact Sho Sho Smith and Julie Tinker Ward at heartcar@hackermoms.org for more information.