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Charm School

Charm School is our graffiti and street art crew. It was created for HackerMoms artists, designers and makers. Through it, we see everything around us as art and actively explore alternative forms of expression together. Charm School’s mission is to amuse, beautify, inspire and design legal public works and gifts of art and positive messages that engage a community that includes everybody and their mother.

Charm School’s message is one of wit, innovation, local good, daily beauty and power. We use our Epson industrial printer, professional screen burner, Juki industrial sewing machine and power tools to make public art that includes community murals and sculpture. Charm School artists aim to change consciousness through public art by redesigning the world around us.

charm school mural 2

Working with another crew on a floor mural.

charm school mural

Designing a mural in Oakland Chinatown.


Artist Sheila Metcalf-Tobin and her drawing of Frida Kahlo.


Just having fun. Life is a canvas!