Hackerspace: 3288 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

Email: info@hackermoms.org

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You are so HackerMom!

Step 1: Visit an open house or schedule an appointment to meet us, gauge chemistry and introduce us to your child(ren). Open houses are usually the first Thursday of the month from 10:30am-12:30pm, and the third Tuesday of the month from 5-7pm. To RSVP for an open house, check out the calendar.

Step 2: Complete our Membership Application. Email it info@hackermoms.org. (Note: There’s a separate application for low-income hacker membership. If you would like to apply, please contact info@hackermoms.org.)

Step 3: We do reference checks for child safety. Meanwhile, we recommend that you keep coming to open houses so we get to know each other for a couple weeks.

Upon acceptance, you’ll receive:

  • a key to the space for 24/7 use ($20 refundable deposit)
  • free weekday childcare privileges and free workshops when applicable
  • invitation to share our discussion group and relevant docs
  • a cubby for your stuff
  • help writing your profile for the website
  • a great big hug and welcome to our HackerMom family

Membership Dues: $80 per month (plus $2 Paypal fee if paying online)

Non-Members: Drop-in rate is $7 per day whenever members are present. Childcare is additional at the low rate of $5 per hour per child. There’s no cost to visit our twice monthly  Open House Meetings, always with childcare at $5/hour/child with RSVP. Open houses are for you to check out the space and see if we are your tribe. They’re open to non-members, members and visitors alike. If you’re into us, please consider joining us as a Member or Angel.

Volunteers: If you have a skill to lend, we’d love to see you in action. We also support peer-learning, so if you have something to teach the moms or kids, how about leading a workshop? We can offer you a classroom and access to our audience of moms and kids. You don’t need to be a member. Send proposals to info@hackermoms.org.