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Hacker Sprouts Kids

Toddler Tech class made “glitter tornadoes” in water to demonstrate funnel cloud motion. (And create a new storyline for My Little Pony.)

One of our goals at the Mothership has always been to design a program for younger kids to develop creativity and pre-hacker skills. Hacker Sprouts will focus on art and science with concepts like visual storytelling, color theory, technique, small and large motor skills, and cooperative projects. Like it’s older sibling Hacker Scouts, Hacker Sprouts has a very specific method based on the developmental needs of it’s participants. Hacker Sprouts is designed for 2-6 year olds, who need lots of symbolic or imaginative play, experiences that develop their ability to see alternate points of view, and opportunities to learn autonomy and confidence. We hope to be able to schedule a regular weekly Hacker Sprouts meeting, building community for Maker families and providing an outlet for them to share their passions with their kids.

Members’ children, age 6 months to 5 years, get the benefit of on-site Hacker Sprouts childcare during the week in a Montessori-inspired learning space. On “Kid Saturdays,” a day that HackerMoms dedicate our hackerspace to kids programs, Hacker Sprouts workshops are open to the community. Each hands-on workshop aims to follow the STEAM curriculum in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. HackerMoms is dedicated to helping children develop early creative lives. This educational childcare workshop program for kids aged 2-6 years is for young makers in training.

Your donations will help purchase necessary materials, keep our cost down for families and provide scholarships for those who need it, and ensure that we can retain quality, qualified instructors.

For current Hacker Sprouts Saturday workshops, visit our calendar.

Toddler Tech class by Zetta Science