The Power of Family

I want to tell you how great my brother Chris “Akiba” Wang of Freaklabs and Tokyo Hackerspace is. Last week he launched his second HackerMoms fundraiser selling electronics kits he designed []. All proceeds go towards our Kickstarter. The kits are the FabTile, a daisy-chainable LED board and the FredBoard, a breadboard equipped with an ATMega328P. His first fundraiser, when he designed the first Fredboard that sold out in 2 days, helped us open our space.


Akiba (from “Akihabara Electric Town” district) lives in Tokyo while I live in Oakland. He skews hacker while I skew maker. But we both found our place in this amazing and generous hackerspace community, without which we’d be…well, too alone to make a difference. Kit sales and supporters like you have pushed us fast toward the finish line of $10,000 with almost 2 weeks to spare. I never said it enough, but I love you, little brother.

Thanks for Christmas,

Sho Sho Smith
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