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Mwah! Feel that wet splotch? That’s all the HackerMoms and kids blowing kisses at you across the world. You got us to our goal with 12 days left to go! We are so grateful to you for believing in us. We planted the seed, but you are our water. We couldn’t grow without you.

But the countdown isn’t over yet. According to Kickstarter tradition, stretch goals are in order. We meet tomorrow to strategize them and will send an update. From stretch marks to stretch goals! How lucky we HackerMoms are to have you in our lives! We are seriously in love with you.

Gratefully yours,

23 HackerMoms, 1 HackerMom Dad and 29 kids (We’ve grown since this Kickstarter!)

One Response so far.

  1. kim agresti says:

    LOVELY WEBSITE. I really enjoyed all the

    photos and articles. A donation has been made in honor of Noah and Liam.