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Kickstarter fundraiser for HackerMoms

Many of you know that HackerMoms saved my life. The non-profit hackerspace I founded with 9 other mothers gave me courage enough to balance a newborn baby, a toddler and a husband battling cancer. The HackerMoms took care of me so that I could take care of Sean. Sean finally beat cancer and is forever my hero. I beat cancer by creating HackerMoms. These women taught me to linocut, blowtorch resin, use power tools, start a non-profit and laugh again. We believe that happy mothers are good for the family, the community, the world. I am so proud that this village exists – with childcare!

After 6 months in our space, we need your help to build a workshop with tools and equipment, plus create a kids program and business incubator for moms inside it. HackerMoms just launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to accomplish this. I hope that you can help me with a donation pledge and by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and by email to your family and friends.  If each of us 20 HackerMoms can get 20 loved ones to donate $25 each, we can make our $10,000 goal by the November 18 deadline. Just click this link to Kickstarter, watch our funny video, and click the righthand “Back This Project  ” link. We’ll send you gifts. Your dollars will go towards equipment, a DIY construction fund (we are the builders), and hired experts. As budget-conscious moms made a list (of course) you can read with cost detailed in our Kickstarter description. Here we are in our 1,000 square foot space…

We have 20+ members (including one HackerMom dad!)and our 25 + kids. Our mission is to give mothers the time and space to explore DIY craft and design, hacker/maker culture, entrepreneurship and all manner of creative expression, with childcare.


Please help promote HackerMoms by forwarding on this email, retweeting, and sending to your heavy retweeting friends. I dream that someday, there’ll be HackerMom spaces in every country, so that moms everywhere can have a room of their own. We all thank you for your generous support.


Sho Sho Smith, Founder
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